Spell Giveaway Winner Announced



Congratulations to the winner of our $500 Spell Shopping Spree Giveaway: @eirinvictoria. Chosen (as randomly as we could on instagram*) from over 8000+ entries.

And we also offered a bonus $100 giveaway to one of our blog readers, chosen with random number generator above. Congrats Belinda (@belle2791) could you email us please HERE.

*Just to be clear we used the fairest way that we could think of to randomly chose a winner.  Unlike with a blog giveaway where you can ‘randomly generate a number’ online and then count down to a winner, it’s much harder to count down on a list of 8000+ #hashtags (because every few minutes you end up back up the top of the #hashtag, it’s very frustrating. So, to give everyone a fair chance, every day we screen grabbed a few entries and then randomly chose a winner from those entries. This meant that if you entered on day 1, 5, 10 or 15 you were in with a chance to win. (But we’re open to other methods if anyone has a suggestion!)

Image by Johnny Abegg. Hanalei Reponty in our Slouchies for our Last Days of Summer Look Book.