<◈> Spell & Dougall’s Wedding <◈>

Spell & Dougall’s Wedding.
Photos by Beck Rocchi
Beck Rocchi’s Wedding Blog “Paper Romance
Bridal Hair & Makeup by Luciana Rose
Wedding Film (above) by Johnny Abegg.

On the 12th May 2012, at 22 Taylors lane, at 2pm my partner and I got hitched!

It was the most beautiful day of my life!  My sisters and I awoke that morning to Top Shop pastries and coffees and perched ourselves on the balcony in the morning sunlight.  It was the perfect start to a perfect day.  I was just so so happy at that moment, knowing that in a few hours I’d be getting married to my man, Dougall!

We eventually settled in to hair and make up by my twin sister Luciana, and  one by one we started to feel like bohemian princesses!  We put on our dresses which i designed, and got ready to walk down the ‘aisle’.

I was so calm and excited and happy to walk out there and meet my husband! We are in this together! This life long commitment of family, love, hopes and dreams, tears, happiness and adventures!

After the ceremony we frolicked around the tee-pee, listened to flamenco music, ate, drank, talked, sang and did lots of dancing to old classic hits!!  It was the most magical day ever!

Our honeymoon started the next day at a beach-house in Belongil.  The most stunning weather saw us through the week, and we were able to enjoy the sunrise everyday over coffee, and then enjoy the sun setting with a glass of red in hands!  It was the most perfect week of my life.

I was very blessed to have Beck Rocchi on board with photography as she captured the day beautifully!  And then blessed again to have been given a wedding film as a wedding gift by Lizzy and my brother in law Johnny Abegg!

It seemed so many of my wedding gifts were labours of love with Luciana doing all our hair and makeup as her gift!! I felt like the luckiest girl alive!

And finally, thank you to Dougall and our little boy Texas for being so amazing.
I love my lil’ family!!!

xox Spelly