Spell Comp Winner…

Spell Bag,Spell tassell bag

Oh my god! How do people choose a winner for these blog comps?? I mean, to some extent, you’re picking a winner from 197 friends?!! So many of your names and IDs are familiar to us now – we feel like we know you all!

So we did the only thing we could think of to be fair… we scrolled the comments up and down with our eyes shut and Spell put her finger on the screen and a chose a winner at random!

The winner of the Spell Bone & Tassel Bag is Jagger (from California). Congratulations babe! We have your email from your blogger profile so we’ll email you.

And thank you to Lyndsey & Kimberly who’ve sent us pics of them rocking out their Spell bags (below)… keep those pics coming we love them!!

XX Lizzy & Spelly.

Ps. Just in case anyone had their hearts set on getting a bag, for the next week only we’re going to offer our blog readers 15% off our Bone Tassel Bags… just type blog into the coupon section at the checkout HERE.

Spell Bone Tassel Bag

Spell Bone Tassel Bag

Spell Bone Tassel Bags