This weekend we journeyed into the heart of Saguaro National Park in the Arizonan desert, to the incredible Posada created by our talented friends Sara & Rich of the Joshua Tree House.

We’ve been following Sara & Rich’s journey for years now, so as soon as we found out they were transforming an abandoned Inn, we knew it would be nothing short of amazing and started dreaming up our retreat. 

What better place to host a gathering of some of our favourite long time muses than surrounded by hundred year old cacti, at the base of barren mountains, in the house of our dreams. Every corner is styled to perfection, each individual suite has it’s own colour palette, character and tells a different story, and the shared spaces are so inviting and unique – our pictures only just begin to capture how incredible this space is!

On the first evening we dined under the desert sky, ate the best food of our entire life (we’re not even kidding! Daniel from Because the Wind is a true culinary artist, we’ll be dreaming of this meal for years to come!), were serenaded by local musician June West, and were blown away as her sounds were recorded live straight onto vinyls during the night. As the sun sank in the sky and the stars burned bright we surprised our guests with an astrologer and sat for hours drinking wine, pondering the stars and seeing Jupiter and its four brightest moons. 

The second day we woke up slow and drank our coffee in the morning sun – the desert sure does have a way of making life feel unhurried and we love to embrace the pace of life out there. Feeling relaxed, we headed out to the olive grove for an art workshop with Lesley Ramirez – we painted wall hangings for our homes using colours inspired by the desert – it was such a therapeutic experience and everyones art looked so unique. 

One of our dear friends Nikki Reed has the most incredible sustainable jewellery brand – all of the 24K gold pieces are made from recycled technology such as computer hard drives. We were shocked to hear that over $60 million dollars of gold each year is discarded in the US alone through, so finding a way to recycle this through creating beautiful jewels is genius and we love the passion she pours into this. 

We collaborated with Nikki this weekend and hosted a beautiful ceremony – an opportunity for us all to drop in, breathe, be present and go a little deeper. All Matters of Spirit guided us through a tea ceremony which is beautiful ritual of sharing many cups of tea in silence – and meditating through the practice. This was the first class ever held in the yoga room at Posada – an incredible space with wooden floors and wide open windows to watch the wind softly rustling through the cactus and palm trees. Safe to say we all left feeling a little zen!

That evening – from our loved up, relaxed space, and feeling like we were on holiday with a group of old friends we gathered in the garden for an outdoor movie night. This was an absolute dream scene – we sipped on margaritas, ate tacos and got cosy watching Pulp Fiction whilst surrounded by the beautiful Saguaro’s and stars twinkling overhead. 

 One of those weekends we’ll never forget <3 

Lulu xx

This gathering wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of these creative souls. 

LOCATION The Posada by The Joshua Tree House
Take a look inside the space here

CHEF Because The Wind

MUSIC June West

ARTIST Lesley Ramirez

DRINKS Sophie James Wine Co

SOUND MEDITATION All Matters of Spirit

Our guests were treated to a few of our favourite wares, lovingly curated and gifted from our beautiful friends in Australia 

HAT Lack of Color

SUNGLASSES Velvet Canyon


POETRY BOOK The Apricot Memoirs

CERAMIC CUP Pottery for the Planet




Always bringing our dreams to life
Styling and event management Lulu

With love to our desert posse
Rocky Barnes
Nikki Reed
Sarah Shabacon
Katie of xkflyaway
Lisa Danielle

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