❃ Flower Child ❃
Spell & the Gypsy Collective ~ Aug 17 Collection

Photography Brydie Mack {shot on 35mm film}
Muse Abby Brothers / Styling Isabella Pennefather & Brydie Mack
Styling Assistant Lily Reed Jones / Hair & Makeup Ashlee Rose Clay
Production Avenue 53

A few times a year our parents would pack us all up in their old Kingswood Holden and drive us all the way from Melbourne to Canberra and drop us at our Grandparents house for a few weeks. At home we were raggamuffin little tom-boys, but at Grandma’s house we were ‘little girls’. (We were the daughters she’d never had and as far as Grandma was concerned we were flipping well going to dress like it!) So she’d hand sew all these little floral dresses and when we arrived it was one floral-dress ensemble after the other, hours of embroidery and other girly activities.  At the time I’m sure there was a generous amount of eye-rolling from us girls, but looking back at old photographs they’re fond and happy memories .

Flower Child is inspired by those little floral dresses, all rouched and flounced and oh-so pretty. And a homage to our dearly departed Grandma, who we pay tribute to regularly with making her ‘Latvian porridge’ which is really just code for ‘lots of butter and even more sugar and full-cream milk).

While Flower Child may be a nod to fond memories, it comes with feminine new, sophisticated styles – perfect for the girls who grew up.

The campaign was exactly what we’d hoped for, because the collection is super pretty we wanted an element of tough/sexy/cool, and the pairing of Brydie Mack & Abby Brothers was perfection…

First styles available 25th July, 10am AEST / 24th July 5pm PDT.

Drop breakdown

25th July, 10am AEST / 24th July 5pm PDT
Elle Gown – Rosewood
Elle Pantsuit  – Indigo
Elle Boho Dress – Indigo
Elle Romper – Rosewood
Elle Blouse – Rosweood
Elle Mini Skirt – Rosewood
Elle Midi Skirt – Indigo
Elle Short Sleeve Blouse – Indigo
Joni Crochet Top
Joni Crochet Skirt
Later in the week Elle Lace Bra & Brief – Indigo & Rosewood

Mid-August, dates to be confirmed
Austin Texas Tee
Clover Lace Blouse
Clover Lace Gown
Clover Lace Mini Dress
Flower Child Denim Flares
Flower Child Denim Skirt
Flower Child Denim Shirt
Flower Child Tee
Sayulita Blouse – Birthstone & Sunflower
Sayulita Bomber – Birthstone
Sayulita Frill Gown – Musk
Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress – Sunflower & Birthstone
Sayulita Frill Mini Dress – Nightshade
Sayulita Frill Mini Skirt – Birthstone
Sayulita Frill Shorts – Musk
Sayulita Frill Split Skirt – Sunflower
Sayulita Kimono – Birthstone
Sayulita Short Sleeve Mini Dress – Musk & Sunflower
Sayulita Pants – Nightshade
Sayulita Short Sleeve Blouse – Nightshade
Sayulita Ruched Cami – Musk
Sayulita Original Bralette – Birthstone & Nightshade
Sayulita Tri Bralette – Birthstone, Nightshade & Sunflower
Sayulita Bloomers – Birthstone, Nightshade & Sunflower
Wild Moon Raglan
Wild Moon Tank