Caitlin’s Plastic Free Home Hacks

Caitlin is our Finance Officer, and one of the most compassionate, earth loving people we know. She is constantly coming up with new ways for us to minimise our impact as a whole here at HQ, and keeps us accountable by leading by example.

We were so inspired to hear that she had committed to living plastic free every second month of the year, and has discovered the best products to support her on this journey (seriously, every product she recommends we fall in love with!), so we asked her to share her story and curate a list of her favourite plastic free alternatives as a guide for anyone else on this journey. Spell Spell Spell Spell

Tell us about your commitment to living plastic free… 

I’ve committed to live plastic free every second month, in my ‘off’ months I still don’t like to consume much plastic but there are a few things that I can only source in plastic that I can’t live without (tofu is my main vice). An added bonus is that moving to a plastic free life also means a healthier lifestyle, for example a beach picnic used to look like dip and crackers bought from the store in packaging, now it is fresh vegetables, home made dips, and bread from the local bakery. 

Why is this important to you?

I often get overwhelmed by the weight of all the ways we are harming our planet and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do as an individual to make difference. Going plastic free for me is an everyday action and commitment I can make for our planet and if we all do it together we can make a change.

Spell Spell Spell Spell

What are your top 3 tips for going plastic free?

1. You don’t have to go cold turkey and you don’t have to be perfect. Start with the top 4 (plastic bags, coffee cups, plastic bottles and plastic straws) then graduate to fresh produce. Transition to plastic free cleaning products, toiletries and kitchen items as you run out of things. 

2. Research. Before every purchase you make see if there is a plastic free alternative or if there is a home made DIY option. 

3. Make it beautiful and invest in quality items that will last. The perfect example of this is the Kappi razor, this is something you are going to have for years so why not buy the beautiful, rose gold one. Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

My favourite plastic free alternatives

Shampoo and conditioner bars – Ethique
Razor – Kappi
Soap savers – Beauty & the Bees
Menstrual cup – The Hello Cup
Face cleanser/oils – Living Libations
Kitchenware – Seed & Sprout
For miscellaneous essentials {like the kitchen soap bar, dental floss, toothbrush} I shop at Biome or Santos

+ for plastic free laundry things to wash your spell garments with I use these Soapberries