Let yourself float back to the 1990s: Claire and Leo meet and fall in love through a fishtank wall as Baz Luhrmann takes us to heaven in a reimagined Verona (Venice Beach of course) for the 1996 remake of Romeo and Juliet…

Film has often been at the centre of our design process, it was part of our childhoods and still dominates that part of our mind where we can get carried away in drama, costume, beauty. So too our final offering for this wild ride that is 2020, we give you “Star Crossed Lovers” a capsule that is truly our very own love story…

The vision of the shoot came to life as a hybrid of the 1996 film and an ode to the Shakespearean feel, and through the eyes of creative Brydie Mack, it was brought to life. Our muse, Gabriella Brooks became Claire Danes on the day and read some passages from the play for our VHS film (you’ll get to see the full film next week!).

Muse Gabriella Brooks
Photographer Brydie Mack
Styling Isabella Pennefather + Mel Carrero
Set Styling Lucy Ewing
Hair Luciana Rose
Makeup Ashlea Penfold
Videographer Amadeus Film
Production Hannah Sherrin
Blooms by Nikau Flora

Launching Wednesday 18th November 10am AEDT / 17th 3pm PST