It was all a dream

Mystic is a collection infused with symbology, palmistry and incantations of the night sky, threaded with more visceral hints of a wild and romantic existence. The scent of rose, smoke and jasmine. A campfire with percussive dancing, a morning walking through a dewy field of wildflowers. 

Mystic part two
Launching 10am AEST Wednesday, 9th of September /
5pm PDT Tuesday, 8th of September

Muse Bella Thomas
Photographer Jamie Green
Photography Assistant Andrew Hobbs
Videographer Zac Lovett, Woven Motion
Hair + Makeup Ashlea Penfold
Stylist Karissa Sparke
Production Hannah Sherrin
Blooms Set Styling Nikau Flora
Assistant Annabel Graham
Location South Island, New Zealand
Cabin of our dreams ~ High Country Cabin