LIONHEART ~ Spell & the Gypsy Collective, September – October 2017.

Photography Brydie Mack 35mm
Muse Mila De Wit-Burke
Styling Brydie Mack & Lily Reed Jones
Hair and Makeup Luciana Rose
Production Mel Carrero & Fred Fantun Productions / Assistant Lahcen Mellal
Film by Johnny Abegg / Thank you to Julien and Cyrielle at Riad Jardin Secret

I remember the day that Isabella sat down to design LIONHEART. She sat down with her design girls and they all started moodboard-ing, sketching and dreaming up all these dusty muted palates and it was clear as hell from moment one. I walked in and Spelly showed me and I just died. It was totally different to anything else we’d ever created, but conversely, it was so completely, totally Spell. When a collection flows forth like that, so clear and honest, it’s usually because its coming straight from the heart. It’s kind of what our Spell dreams are made of…

So lets talk a bit about the collection. When a collection design process comes easily it gives you more time to experiment and push your own boundaries in other areas… and thats what happened. Firstly there’s the hand embellished Arabian Jewel pieces, straight out of some kind of dreamy Princess Jasmin dress-up box – with little silver coins hand stitched one by one… and then there’s the Lionheart print, which is created from 3 completely separate artworks, and each artwork has different base colours and different placement print screens – each garment is like 3 garments in one! Or the Lionheart Maxi skirt which has over 10m of fabric in it, it spins like a Catherine Wheel! We’ve brought back the luxe lurex with Zahara and played with drop waists and vertical candy stripes on the hems. Then there’s just a flurry of dreamy creams and soft cotton whites with Cassidy and Moroccan Luxe… I cant even!

As for shooting in Morocco… well, we’d been waiting for just the right collection, just the right peachy tones, dusty pinks and deep, deep blues. Shooting there was kind of a dream but it didn’t come without its challenges! Severe jetlag (we had to travel 36 hours on 4 planes!) crazy bustling streets and a labyrinth of winding alley ways that can be sun one minute and shadows the next! Marrakech felt like placing our little world of Spell into a big bustling city, where every single thing you looked at was a rug or ornament we’ve been dreaming of our whole life, so many smells, sights and sounds and ancient places that you’d never get to experience otherwise. Pretty much, it was all kinds of crazy, hectic, wonderful, perfect.

We hope you love this collection, (Spellies we know you will!) ~ here’s to our roots and all those things we love!

Drop breakdown
20th September, 10am AEST / 19th September 5pm PDT  
Cozy corner Cardigan – cream 
Desert Queen Tee – Black & Macadamia
Moroccan Luxe Blouse – Sand
Moroccan Luxe Dress – Sand
Moroccan Luxe Skirt – Sand
Zahara Blouse – Rosewater
Zahara Gown – Navy
Zahara Lace Bloomers – Rosewater & Navy 
Zahara Lace Bralette – Rosewater & Navy 
Zahara Midi Dress – Rosewater & Navy
Zahara Midi Skirt – Rosewater & Navy
Zahara Off Shoulder Top – Rosewater
Zahara Pantsuit – Rosewater
Zahara Sleeveless Blouse – Navy
Zahara Tunic Dress – Rosewater & Navy 
11th October, 10am AEDT / 10th October 5pm PDT 
Lionheart Blouse – Olive Grove
Lionheart Mini Skirt – Olive Grove
Lionheart Gown – Sundown 
Lionheart Maxi Skirt – Sundown
Lionheart Midi Dress – Sundown
Lionheart Off Shoulder Top – Sundown
Lionheart Playdress – Coal 
Lionheart Print Off Shoulder Dress – Sundown
Liohheart Regular Bloomers – Coal & Olive Grove
Lionheart Romper – Coal & Olive Grove
Lionheart Tri Bralette – Olive Grove & Sundown 
Cassidy Mini Dress – White
Cassidy Shorts – White
Cassidy sleeveless Top – White 
Spells Angels Raglan – Khaki  
Spells Angels Tank – Khaki
Dusk Boiler – Khaki 
Leelou Romper – Powder
Moroccan Luxe Blouse – Dusty Pink 
Dates to be confirmed 
Arabian Jewel Dress – Cream & Red 
Arabian Jewel Matinee Jacket – Cream