Freedom in Solitude

Photographer: Sybil Steele
Model: Fa’ Empel
Styling / art direction – Spelly & Lizzy of Spell & the Gypsy Collective.
Film shot and edited by Johnny Abegg
Makeup: Phoebe Barrett
Vintage from Sarah Humphrey’s private collection

Full story posted exclusively on The Ben Trovato Blog – HERE.

Some of the funnest shoots are unplanned, or are at least turned around in 24 hours.
A few weeks ago Spelly spotted Fa’ sitting at the Topshop (local Byron cafe) and was mesmerized by her striking lilac hair, tats and exotic beauty. Not realising that Fa was actually one of Bali’s most well known models, she skipped up to her and asked if she’d model for us. We couldn’t believe she agreed! It was Monday and Fa was leaving Byron on Wednesday – so we dreamed up a shoot and started creating.
We’d had a story idea for a while – inspired by many days of pottering joyfully around our own Byron homes. After doing so many photo shoots based around the idea of ‘gypsy wanderers’ we wanted to capture the feeling of freedom that can be experienced the solitude of your own home.

Fa was so incredible to work with. She has this crazy toughness – punk-ass shaved hair and is covered in tats – but as soon as she walked into my home, with Stevie Nicks and the tall gum trees whispering in the wind, she was velvety soft.

* * *

Spell pieces featured:

Spell Rings
Crystal Visions Baton Cuf
Gypsy Rocker Angel Cuff
Thunderbird Totem Crop Tops
Other Spell Necklaces
Silver metal skull ornament
Kimonos and turquoise rings are from our upcoming A/W12 collection.