DIY: Fairy Light Xmas Tree

DIY: Fairy Light Xmas Tree

We love the tradition of setting up the Christmas tree – dropping into the Christmas spirit and creating a space where you know loved ones will gather come Christmas day.  It’s the height of summer in the Southern hemisphere so our day is often spent splashing around with our tribe at the beach under a scorching December sun, but the day always starts and finishes next to a twinkling tree.

We wanted to create a simple Christmas tree, decorated with flowers and foliage, that could be easily recreated in nearly any space. You only need a tiny area to bring some sparkle into your home and this could be modified to suit even the tiniest of abodes!

We absolutely loved putting this DIY together, and danced around to Christmas carols in the lounge room all afternoon (as you do)!

If you create your own fairy light Christmas tree, we would absolutely love to see it ~ #SpellDIY to share your creations!

Happy Holidays


What you’ll need:

Fairy lights
Cut flowers and foliage
Wooden pegs
Blue tac, removable hooks, OR nails

How to create your tree:

  1. String up fairy lights – start from the top of the tree and work your way down. We used white coloured blue tac (white tac?) to hang our lights, but would recommend using removable hooks or nails as they will be more secure to hold the weight of your lights and decorations.  Simply zig zag down the wall to create the shape of the tree. Our gaps were too big the first time so ended up doing it twice!
  2. Hang your decorations – use the wooden pegs to clip your flowers and any other decorations on to the tree.Whilst we used flowers purchased at a local florist, you could also use natives – the blooms in Australia are so beautiful at this time.
  3. Hang the star – a Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without a star on top – or in this case some gum nuts collected from the back yard!
  4. Decorate the area around your tree with any trinkets you have at home – we gathered all the gold pieces we had at home to make our tree feel extra special.