Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Teddy_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels, Lace, White playsuit

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Teddy_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels, Lace, White playsuit

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Teddy_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels, Lace, White playsuit

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Teddy_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels, Lace, White playsuit

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Teddy_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels, Lace, White playsuit


Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom blouse_7264b

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom blouse_7231

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom blouse_7278

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom blouse_7299

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom blouse_7302

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom blouse_7247

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom Kimono_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom Kimono_Ashley Smith, Summer of Angels

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_6168

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_6097

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_6225

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_6419

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom playsuit_7087

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom playsuit_7203

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom playsuit

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_7735

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_7744

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Sundancer Kimono_7801b

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Romper_5857

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Romper_5790

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Romper_5867

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Romper_5961

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Romper_5984

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Casablanca Romper_5779

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom Kimono_8771

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom Kimono_8753

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom playsuit_7998

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom playsuit_8044

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom playsuit_8053

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom shorts_8139

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom shorts_8108

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance playsuit safron_8426

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance playsuit safron_8550

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance playsuit safron_8452

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance playsuit safron_8490

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance playsuit safron_8556

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance playsuit safron_8437

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom skirt_8298

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom skirt_8331

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom skirt_8345

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Boho Blossom skirt_8361


Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom Blouse_6859

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom Blouse_6838

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom Blouse_6880

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom Blouse_6847

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom playsuit_7339

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Boho Blossom playsuit_7406

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundancer playsuit_7861

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundancer playsuit_7895

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundancer playsuit_7917

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Casablanca Chambray playsuit_8895

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Casablanca Chambray playsuit_8963

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance off the shoulder playsuit_8996

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance off the shoulder playsuit_9007

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_Sundance off the shoulder playsuit_9048

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_7503

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_7717

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_7641

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_7845

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_7596

Spell_and_the_gypsy_Collective_Ashley Smith_7654

‘Summer of Angels’ – Spell Holiday 14/15.
Photographer Ali Mitton @alimitton
Muse Ashley Smith @ Society Management
H&M Ashlee Rose @ashleeroseboots
Styling Spell Pennefather + Chloe Chippendale @electricalbannana
Vintage borrowed from our girl Sarah Humphrey’s private collection
Assistant Chance Welton
Film ~ B-Roll Cameron Salvatore | Edit Johnny Abegg | Music MT Warning
Thanks to Dara Siegel from I Heart Reps for your help producing this shoot & to Huggy for cruising the chopper like a boss.

We have an old and slightly tattered piece of paper taped to our wall, on it is scrawled our model ‘wish list’ – muses we’re dying to work with. Ash Smith has been on it ever since we saw her in Russh in 2010. So there we were, in the sweltering heat of the Californian desert, watching our muse Ashley Smith fly on down the highway on the back of a vintage Harley Chopper. Eyes stinging in the heat and dust. Pinching ourselves. Loving every moment.

There’s this incongruous quality we’re always searching for in our shoots, a subtle balance of FOXY vs LOVELY. And Ash Smith nails this every time. She’s kind of rough and ready and foxy as hell – but she’s cute and fun and lovely too. Add dirty cowgirl boots and some lovely white broderie anglaise cotton and that incongruity that we love just builds.

With a dream team by our side (including OZ photographer Ali Mitton and stylist Chloe Chippendale) and a 70s Motel as our playground, the shoot felt like an extension of our dreams.

We hope you love this collection, it’s so damn fun. Perfect for holiday, full of colour, bold florals and bright gypsy prints, paired back with some lovely broderie anglaise in whites, blacks and dusty blues.


A little side note: People often ask us, “Why all the USA imagery??” And for good reason. It’s weird, I know. We live in Australia and have lived here all our lives. We adore (beyond words!) our home town of Byron Bay, and (although we don’t surf) we really are quite the pair of proud Aussies. So, in answer to this oft asked question – the following is the only explanation I can give you.

When our Latvian grandparents fled the 2nd World War, they walked through a war-torn German harbor heading toward a refugee boat fleeing to the USA. At the last minute it was decided there wasn’t room for them on that boat and they were ushered onto a boat heading for Australia. For some reason they always felt that that they should have been on that boat, and a life-long intrigue for that far off land, the USA, was born. This intrigue was passed on down to my father and then eventually to us. Ironically, now that I think about it, Spelly and I named our first sons Texas and Indiana – and (though Indiana was actually named after Indiana Jones) it would seem that the intrigue may be passed to another generation.