Inka {film}


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INKA – CACTUS ROSE by Spell on Vimeo.
Photographer Ali Mitton @alimitton
Edit by Johnny Abegg @johnnyabegg
Music – Oskar Schuster – Stjernen (feat. Possimiste)
Muse Inka Williams @inkawilliams @lovebalistarz
Production Michaela MacDonnell @Michaelamacdonnell @lovebalistarz
Hair & Makeup Rosario Belmonte
All outfits and styling by Spell.

So, shoot day. There’s hair and makeup and a million little bottles of product everywhere, a flurry of outfits being steamed and shuffled, a photographer squinting into the sun, designer breathing in inspiration and breathing out the hecticness of it all, there are runners, endless cofffees and coconuts, there’s a muse trying to go into her quiet place, and there’s usually Stevie Nicks crackling out of Spell’s iphone… So you can imagine it’s hard to remember to stop and capture some film during the moments of chaos. But amazingly, during this shoot, Ali Mitton did!

I mentioned before on the blog post of this shoot (HERE) that this day was a pretty impromptu shoot – we decided to try to make this happen the day before the shoot, and thanks to the quick and magic hands of ‘producer extraordinaire’ Michaela, we were able to! So it’s pretty amazing that in the chaos Ali was able to capture these moments where Muse, Designer and Photographer came together and made a bit of gold.

Big thanks to European musicians Oskar Schuster and Possimiste (instagram @dear_utopia and @possimiste) for allowing us to use your music on this clip… it’s so dreamy and captures the magic on that beach perfectly!