We were glued to our phones when Emily Hutchinson, AKA @emelinaah was in India. Her travel imagery blew us away, inspired us and had us looking at our calendar for a block where we could visit India! We sat down with Em when she returned to Byron (for a brief minute before taking off again!) to talk about her India journey.

Tell us about why you chose to go to India

India is one of my favourite places to travel. It’s one of the only places where I feel like I have been transported out of reality and plonked down in an alternate universe. Everything is gloriously overwhelming – the colours, the smells, the architecture, the atmosphere. It makes you feel intoxicatingly alive.

What was your favourite place and why?

Udaipur will always be my favourite Indian destination. Its aptly called the Venice of India as it built around the banks of Lake Pichola. It reminds me of an Indian Europe – all white washed walls and rooftop pools. But my favourite reason of all – is thats its quiet. It has all of the Indian charm but on a much more subdued level.

What was your favourite accomodation?

The Taj Lake Palace. It’s a floating palace in the middle of Lake Pichola. I mean need I say more ? It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

We saw you got to go to the famous Holi festival, tell us about what you learned there?

I learned to open my mind and let go. I was weary before the day – imagining a violent onslaught of colour and overwhelming crowds of intoxicated revellers. But to our surprise, everybody was so incredibly gentle, asking permission before softly wiping the coloured powders over your face and clothing and whispering “happy holi” with the most infectious smiles known to man. Everybody came together in happiness to celebrate – foreigners and locals alike.

Your travel pics are just so epic – how do you take the “Insta worthy” shot?

To be honest just point and shoot. There is no real trick to it – just have fun, enjoy what you do and it will show in what you create.

What was your favourite meal in India?

Tikka masala. I literally came home smelling like a garlic clove. It was heaven.

What should people do when they go to India?

Enjoy themselves and be open to everything. It is truly a place of the weird and wonderful.

What should they avoid?

The tap water and suspicious looking puddles.

How do you pack for the India climate?

Light but modest clothing. As a woman I felt much more comfortable taking a scarf with me to cover my head incase of any unwanted attention. It’s seriously surprising how much of a difference covering your hair can make.

Where to next for you?

We are heading to Europe for the summer to taste every Aperol spritz from Portugal to Greece.

Thanks Emily, looking forward to seeing more adventures on your feed! Follow her HERE.