Wild Horses

Maddie Daisy Dixon as Anita Pallenberg in
Wilde Horses for NYC cult mag Lovecat
Photography Sybil Steele
Assistant Kuni Takanami
Styling Marissa Sidoti
H&M Ashlea Penfold
Set Design Tahl Rinsky
You could imagine our excitement when our dear friend Sybil Steel called in some of our product for a shoot where the brief was ‘Channeling Anita Pallenberg’… If you’re looking for a 60s/70s rock-icon-boho-pin-up-girl then this chick is it.
‘Muse to the Rolling stones, Anita Pallenberg (born 25 January 1944, Rome, Italy) is an Italian-born actress, model, and fashion designer. She was the romantic partner of Rolling Stones multi-instrumentalist and guitarist Brian Jones and later the partner of the guitarist of the same band Keith Richards, from 1967 to 1979, by whom she has two surviving children..’ 
Spell and I sat in on the shoot, (it was so loud! – Australian rock group Delta Rigs were recording a track upstairs) and watched as Maddie Daisy Dixon channeled the Rolling Stone’s muse… I love the smokey, rock-laden atmosphere… Rolling Stones lyrics keep floating around in my head as I scroll through the images… Sybil you naied it!
(Oh and ps – it’s not a spliff!! It’s a DIY ciggy! As in 70s rock chick sucking back a fag… Spelly and I can’t stand smoking, but you have to admit it’s kinda cinematic)
Featured above: Sea Green Chrysaprase Ring, Sundial Eagle Coin Ring, Caspian Tiger Bra (sold out), Barbarella Lace Shorts, Bonita Crochet Skirt, Thunderbird Crop Tee, leopard print headscarf, oh and there’s even a cameo of Johnny’s mums fur jacket which she’s hoarded in a treasure chest from London circa 1960 – totes aprope!