We love animal print!

The last rainy weekend, we decided on an impromptu photo shoot. When it rains here in Byron it really rains. A lot. So there’s not much else to do other than to call in the troops and get creative.

Decked out in our ruched (and knotted) silk cotton Barbarella skirt the gorgeous Ellie worked it for darling Sammy (Sam Lindsay) behind the camera.

Thank you to Sammy, Ellie and baby-sitter Nina (Nina is the lovely bare-breasted beauty on our Innocence singlets!) who braved the drizzly morning.

Stay tuned for the a shoot with Spell’s latest muse Megan, in a few pieces from our latest range.

We only have a few of these skirts left (they’ve flown out the door! woo!) and they’re available online at our boutique.