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Sarah Humphrey (aka @sarah_phoenix) vintage shopping in Lismore, shot by Mel Carrero.
Sarah wears the Festival Junkie dress as a top and dress throughout and the Ophelia Duster.

Sarah never stops looking for the perfect vintage find. When she was shopping with her three boys at the Bexhill Retro Bazaar, she found a dress and Pheonix, 5, whooped “Mum got a score! Mum got a score!” …clearly they are used to the hunt!

We went from Bexhill to Lismore to find some undiscovered treasure, only to be taunted by a really cool rug not for sale at Carrington Street Bazaar! (Side note, I’ve come across ‘not for sale items’ that I’ve wanted and after bit of sweet talking (read begging) and a few extra bucks on the counter and they’ve crumbled, but anyway)

Books’n’Stuff had so much trash and treasure – a little undiscovered gem! Sarah’s favourite for the day was Two Roads Vintage which had a couple of pieces she fell in love with, pictured, one of which the leather patchwork 70’s style skirt above! (‘Mum got a score!!’)

Seriously chicks, if you’re in the area hit Lismore up for some vintage shopping – it may not have the shine of Surry Hill’s Crown Street, but it also doesn’t have the pricetags, the crowds or the hipsters! Yeehaa!