Go behind the scenes with Wild Love campaign Creative Director and Photographer Jamie Green

When I was doing the shot list, this narrative came to me and I envisioned our muse Taylor as a shift worker… the phone rings and she’s told for no reason in particular that she doesn’t have to come to work today. So she slams down the phone and sets out on her day off. It was all about Taylor being herself, into the wilderness… out in the wilderness to find wild love.

Lisa and I explored around Joshua Tree where we sourced all the props at local vintage stores on the way to Pioneer Town. There was a guy selling junk on the side of the road, and that’s where we found our treasure of the pink phone!

When we shot the WILD LOVE lipstick on her palm, Taylor held it to her eye, and I showed her the photo. As soon as Taylor saw it she began to cry ~ so overwhelmed by the beauty of the capture. And that’s how we got the tear shots.

From waking up to slamming a phone, to screaming in to the sunset I’ve loved bringing to life the story of this wild love. 

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Muse Taylor Bagley
Creative Director + Photographer Jamie Green
Videographer Jon Lile
Hair + Makeup Ashlee Rose
Stylist Lisa Danielle

Launching Monday 10am AEDT / Sunday 3pm PST