True Romance

Photos by Lizzy of Spell.
Psudo-model Spell of Spell.
Hair & Makeup Luciana Briedis (Luciana is available locally for weddings, contact her here)
Assistant Olivia DeaneLast week Spelly and I met for breakfast before work and as we sat there getting nicely ‘caffeinated’ we started to get excited about our new Nightingale Crochet leggings and True Romance Dress – so we cooked up a blog post.  We rang our sister Luciana who’s a makeup-artist (she was still in bed) and told her to get her ass out of bed and to Spell HQ stat.These photos are the result. Now, I must warn that the True Romance dress in the first pictures is only a sample so we only have a few in each size available – but we loved shooting with it so much that we’re getting more sewn up as we speak. Oh and the Dreamweaver Bag in Cream is on it’s way – we’ll post it online as soon as it’s available!* * *

Spell wears:
True Romance Dress | Tan Concho Belt | Wolf & Cub Leather Cuff | Boots by Frye
 Leila Shrug in Ivory | Leila Feather Skirt | Dreamweaver Bag Cream Coming Soon | Buffalo Hunter Necklace
 Talulah Maxi Cardi Ivory | Nightingale Crochet Leggings | Alhambra Studded Tee | Kate & the Gypsies Bra | Prayer Bead Necklace
Rings: Labyrinth Amulet Ring, Phoenix Rising Ring, Southern Oracle Eagle Ring.