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Tropicaleo Summer Look Book by Coyote Negro
Model  Ileana Mariela Hernández
Photographer Quique Cabanillas
Styling / Creative Direction Melissa Hernández of Coyote Negro

Whenever I discover a new label, shop or blog the FIRST thing I do is click on the about page. I want to know the story behind the label, or the passion behind the blogger… So this is what I found when I clicked ‘about’ Coyote Negro:

“Coyote Negro is a blend of sage and whiskey, studs and musk, bohemian and punk, gypsy and rock ‘n roll. It brings you the best of the 60’s-90’s styles with it’s unique curated selection of hand-picked, one-of-a-kind, New York Vintage finds….”

… If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering then jump over to their blogspot for a burst of visual stimulation that could only come from NYC.

The thing I loved most about this shoot (besides the colour and grain, the over sized shirts and the fact it was shot on location in Puerto Rico) was that it is in essence a couple of sisters playing dress up! This is exactly what Spelly and I do all the time (my 3 sisters and I have been doing this since the beginning of time). There’s nothing quite like running around with your sister, searching out inspiration and photographing each other! Oh and the other thing I love about this shoot is the fact that all the vintage swimmers belong to Melissa and Mariela’s aunt who used to be Miss Hawaiian Tropic back in the day! In vintage terms this is too cool for words!

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