The first rays of our Summer range…

Over the passing weeks we’ve grown increasingly more impatient to share our new Summer range with you.

Tropical storms & clouds heavy with anticipation have been passing over Spell HQ… But finally the first rays of sunshine have broken through…



The Malibu Bohemian Kimono. (available now)

Once upon a time on psychedelic Malibu beach at sunset this fluro pink zebra print kimono was dreamt up. The lower panels are bursting with animal print, iridescent dappled tie-dye, roses, tigerlilies and frangipanisā€¦ the Malibu Boho is our very own magnum opus!




Feather Flowing Kimono (available now)
Hand drawn tan feather print kimono in the softest champagne rayon. A delicate piece you almost blush when you put it on. Light as a…..





The Arizona Peach.

A long and flowing maxi dress in the softest shades of peach. The print conjures up memories of road-trips long past, down a far stretching Arizona highway at sunset and the images I saw thereā€¦ in my rear view mirror.





Cow Girl Mini

Spell’s obsession with the union jack and all things Brit-Moss continues. There has to be at least a little bit of sass in a Spell summer collectionā€¦ these minis are hot.




Texas Mini

The perfect “trip-around-byron-town in Summer” dress. Ever so simple, ever so light. Sass. Minx. Little feather on my belly.

The kimonos are available at our online shop.
We’ll be putting new pieces up every week…