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Cactus Rose Collection Launch
Spell Boutique Byron Bay, October 2014
Photography Carly Brown

It’s been over a year since we’ve had a little shindig at our Byron Bay store, so we thought that the launch of our Cactus Rose Collection was the perfect excuse to gather with friends and lovely customers and enjoy some blood orange, agave and lime infused sun-downers.

As well as taking a moment to celebrate the collection launch and look back over our shoulders at a wonderful, inspiring year, it was also an evening to give back to some of the beautiful customers who visit us year round, and who remind us constantly who we’re designing for! It was so wonderful to see them shopping with a lovely cocktail in hand and a big smile on their face! We had 50 Spell gift bags to give away and they got snapped up pretty fast… they had a few treats from Spell in there as well as some little gifts from iconic local brands like Byron Bay Coffee Company, Byron Bay Cookies, Eco Minerals and Naked Treaties,.

Local food fave Top Shop put on a stunning spread of local nibbles, and the boys from Roadhouse dished up gorgeous cocktails in crystal glasswear (provided to us by a gorgeous bespoke party hire company called Hampton Event Hire). We’d met up with the boys from Roady a few weeks prior to invent our own ‘cactus rose inspired‘ cocktail especially for the night (vodka, triple sec, agave syrup, blood orange, lime and a bright orange nasturtium in each glass yummm). You can see by the big, smiling group photo (last pic) that everyone had a pretty lovely night! (Oh and I’m not in the pic because I had to go home early to breastfeed my little poppet down, but Spelly was there to represent!)

Biggest, hugest, ‘arms-spread-wide-open’ thanks to our girls Jaimi-Lee and Emma who pulled the night together, and to all the gorgeous local peeps who joined us on the night!

xx Lizzy & Spelly