Spell Land ….

8am … swim at belongil beach, finding sandy feathers on the way … coffee at Treehouse. The magical local cafe next door ….

10am … hit Spell HQ, some new materials for the Gypsy Love range, i promise its coming!!!

…. a new painting i’m doing … ode to queeny and all the union jack flags hanging in our space … why the obsession? hmm .. its just pretty damn cool! oh and watch out for some union jack mini’s coming soon to Spell fashion!! So Hot so excited!

My little boy Texas playing with auntie Lizzy’s necklace, i tried to take him for a walk right after this shot today and he burst out crying, so i gave him the necklace back. He’s a Spell fan already! woo! bless him x

… feathers gathered from walks on the beach, parks, from high flying eagles … and driftwood washed up on the shores at belongil. What will i find on my next stroll?

xox good night xoxo Spell. Hope i can write again sooner than later, its hard finding the time these days.