Well, we’ve been sisters for 31 odd years… but it was over coconut juices & nasi goreng that we negotiated our new “partnership”. I (Elizabeth, Spell’s oldest sister) have officially joined Spelly in running her little jewellery empire. I have never been more excited!

Bali was a hectic, jam-packed working holiday. We loved every minute!

Spell sat with friendly Balinese artisans, discussing her designs for hand carved feathers & tusks. I got some impromptu silk painting lessons in a windowless factory nestled in the paddy fields of Ubud. We sourced fabrics from the colourful Denpasar market place. And then there were the many, many business meetings where we discussed our new summer fashion range over bitter balinese plunge coffee…

One of our many ocean side business meetings. We know, hard life.

Spell perusing the fabrics in Denpasar

Spell discussing the design of our hand carved feathers.

Me doing my silk painting in a remote factory in Ubud. You can see I used one of Spell’s life drawings.