Did you ever wonder how many degrees of separation there might be between you and someone you’ve never met, living a completely different life on the other side of the planet? This collection explores and celebrates the degrees of separation between each and every one of us.

I love the idea that in our community of Spell Sisters and beyond, the degrees of separation between us are brought closer as we connect through shared ideas and conversations, as we trade and on-sell our fave treasures with sisters we’ve never met, in vintage treasures we stumble upon, as we share in joys, sorrows, loves and losses of life.

The talisman in this collection, a series of Tarot inspired imagery, represent that which connect us and the space between us, a place in our hearts, a crack where the light gets in, a moment, a memory, a future intention. 

Six Degrees was designed here in Byron bay and intricately hand crafted for us in gold by World Fair Trade Organisation verified artisans in India.

For this campaign, we worked with creative and photographer Emily Yates to bring her take to the collection, where she went simplistic, elevated to show the beauty of the jewels and our stunning muse, Shimma. Emily referenced beautiful Greek goddess Aphrodite when shooting Shimma in our silk Lula Robe, one of our favourite shots from the campaign!

Muse Shimma Marie
Creative Direction and Photography Emily Yates
Beauty Luciana Rose
Production Mel Carrero and Hannah Sherrin
Video Gabriella Smith