She narrows her smouldering, kohl-lined eyes…

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We found this gorgeous article on Spell at the uber-cool Melbourne based online space – we’re very proud to be included on their freaking cool site. Thank you to Annie Davis and the team at T-squat for this hot write up.

by Annie Davis

She narrows her smouldering, kohl-lined eyes as she takes a drag from her cigarette. All of Glastonbury stares at her iconic, slender frame as she makes her way through the crowd, just as striking in a pair of muddied gumboots as she is on a Parisian catwalk. She is the face of high-end fashion, of British rock- and-roll, of coke-fuelled nights of tabloid controversy.

She is, of course, Kate Moss and muse for sisters Isabella and Elizabeth Breidis of Spell Designs. To celebrate Kate in “in all her gumboot wearing, ciggy smoking, beer carrying glory” Spell created silver pendant hand carved with a silhouette of Kate from that same iconic moment.

Little surprise Spell’s rock-chick aesthetic has won the label fans in Ruby Rose and Lisa Mitchell. “She bought this gorgeous dress of ours,” Lizzy says of Lisa’s discovery of their little label. “She tweeted about it which was very sweet.” Another favourite of Lisa’s was a charm bracelet adorned with little white skulls that are as creepy as they are cool..



Leather is woven into most of Spell’s jewellery designs. “Our father was a leather maker so we have a love for leather,” Isabella explains, “it’s in most of our jewellery.” A standout piece is the Gypsy Rocker bracelet, with charms hanging off pleated strips of leather you to wind around the wrist to make a cuff.

Kate Moss is not the only muse to enchant the house of Spell. Branching out into a clothing line, Spell has designed a playful little pair of shorts named after the ubiquitous Barbarella. Cut to cleverly frame the derriere with flirtatious frills, we imagine these little shorts won’t stay on long before being ripped off by innocent bystanders, unable to control themselves once they succumb to Spell’s sexy charms.

Spell is not just a label for rock goddesses and giant cinematic femme fatales but those in search of boho jewellery that is the genuine article. What sets Spell apart is their custom made necklaces, each made whatever charms take Isabella’s fancy the moment she creates them in her workshop. “It started with a bit of leather and charms and turquoise,” Isabella says of the development of Spell’s necklace range. “Then I put a coin on here, some bone on there, added some feathers so it’s sort of grown over the years”.

The feathers woven into Spell’s custom made pieces are talking points in and of themselves. “We get given whole boxes of feathers from people living on farms nearby”, says Lizzie. “They can be so passionate about it. This one particular guy comes in and goes through this ritual of telling us where he found each feather.”

The farms they speak of are in the hinterlands surrounding Byron Bay, where Spell has recently opened a workshop and shopfront. With posters of Kate Moss on the walls, rustic bohemian furniture and vintage pieces hanging next to items from Spell’s own clothing line, you can tell this sun drenched shopfront is a space close to the sisters’ hearts. “Sometimes we open these doors up for the sun and butterflies fly in, it’s beautiful,” says Lizzie. Created within such a workspace, little wonder Spell’s creations are so rich with eclectic, natural beauty.
You can read the article at T-squat in the factory section.