A spectacular odyssey of underwater magic and ocean infused nostalgia ~ we bring you SEASHELL, our most sustainable collection yet fronted by Australian actress and activist, Isabel Lucas.  

We have wanted to work with Isabel since the beginning of starting Spell! Having her wear our pieces over the years and becoming friends has been such an honour as we believe Isabel was one of the first women of influence in Australia to really champion environmental causes, all with grace and a gentle yet powerful voice.

In the fashion industry, the most impactful change we can make is with the fabrics we create from. Seashell utilises 76% preferred fibres in this collection. 

The collection was a wild dream of Spelly’s for a long time, and when she talked to her design team about putting a mermaid into the print, a few of them thought she was nuts!  The signature print, Seashell features hand-drawn shell and mermaid motifs ~ an ode to one of Spelly’s favourite 80’s films, Splash.

Muse Isabel Lucas
Photographer Jamie Green of
Oh So Mellow
Creative and Styling 
Isabella Pennefather
Styling Assistant
Lisa Danielle
Hair and Makeup Ashlea Penfold
Set Styling
Lucy Ewing
Mel Carrero
Videographer Amadeus Bell-Todd

A special thank you to Anna, Roy, Sam and Tash from Haggerstone Island for hosting us

First styles live
Thursday 7th November 10am AEDT / Wednesday 6th 3pm PST

Next styles launching
Wednesday 20th November 10am AEDT / Tuesday 19th 3pm PST