Scarlett Affection playing at bangalow A&I hall 26th July!!!! its a must see guys and gals! At their last peformance Melia wore SPELL jewellery! the girls looked absolutley gorgeous!!
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hey all! you have to come to bangalow A&I hall on saturday night 26th July to see the amazing sister duo “Scarlett Affection”. Sisters Melia and Nerida are simply lovable with their harmonies! Synergy and simpatico are central to the sound of Scarlett Affection. Harmonies and folk pop songs oozing with sass and soul. Affecting ballads that stir the poignant pot of emotion; soaring choruses that hook into your heart; quirky ditties that make you want to dance in the rain – Scarlett Affection have a blazing stage dynamic that throws opens the Pandora-like box of secretive sibling rivalry for everyone to experience.
The scarlett girls are very proud supporters of SPELL jewellery … thanks girls! love you both so much .. your music lightens up my life so much!