Palm trees, sheltered lagoons, remote islands, ocean culture. French Polynesia will completely undo you.”

We first fell for Sarah (perfectly named @saltyluxe) and her tropical adventures when she used to visit our store in Byron – Sarah worked full time for the Cancer Council at the time, shooting for her blog on the side.. eventually, she decided to jetset full time and took a lot of Spell in her suitcase along the way. Our hearts always skip a beat when she swishes that Spell skirt in a dreamy destination. 

With Spell in her suitcase, Sarah headed to French Polynesia for a breathtakingly powerful experience with Coral Gardeners and their mission to save the reef. Keep on reading to find out more and be transported to a tropical dream… 

French Polynesia’s islands are unlike any in the world ~ from remote Rangiroa, to the warm waters of Moorea teaming with marine life, the iconic white sands of Bora Bora and the abundant Polynesian culture found throughout, it is a legitimate paradise.

From one ocean lover to another, I hope you find joy in this collection of photographs we shot over the weeks we spent here in paradise, they are the best storytellers xxx

While we were on the small island of Moorea we were lucky enough to reconnect with our friends from Coral Gardeners, a young group of surfers, free divers, ocean lovers, marine biologists and scientists who are working to restore their home reef and spread awareness of ocean health throughout the world. After growing up on the island as kids, the group collectively was distressed about the rapid degeneration of their local reefs and wanted to do something about it. The idea is simple ~ replant damaged coral back into the reef to help it regenerate. As someone who is deeply concerned about the state of the ocean, this cause is very close to my heart.

~ The OCEAN combined with CORAL, produces 50% of the air we breathe! The ocean is the earths lungs
~ Coral reefs absorb C02 and regulate the planets temperature
~ A sanctuary for thousands of marine species
~ Food supply for 500 million people
~ A source of medical advancements!
~ Coastal protection barrier against storms
Check out for further info.
At this rate, by 2050 there will be no more reef.

You can adopt your own coral here ~ where the coral will be planted on your behalf by the Coral Gardeners.

Thank you to SPELL from the bottom of my heart for your passion and commitment to sustainability, and inspiring the fashion industry to care.

Lots of love!

Sarah @saltyluxe

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Spell donated to the Coral Gardeners as part of this project