Night of Hunters

Photographs Johnny Abegg
Model Jara
Styling Spell & Lizzy
HAIR & Makeup Phoebe Barrett

As we jumped in our cars and drove to Belongil Beach to shoot the Storm Chaser shoot a few weeks ago, I flashed my high-beams frantically alerting Johnny and Spell to pull over. Why not snap off a few shots in the tea-tree forest along the way?

The grass was long and overgrown, a gorgeous solitude paperbark tree stood in the field, old and proud and the tea-trees stood in unison, as though they’d been waiting for us to arrive… Little yellow flowers were blossoming in defiance of the on-coming Autumn – storm clouds were gathering.

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Jara wears:
Turquoise Mountain Rings
The Stevie Crescent Moon Ring
Southern Oracle Eagle Ring, coming soon.
Heishi Bead Necklaces
Antelope Valley Unisex Necklace
Buffalo Hunter Necklace on Leather, coming soon
The Talulah Maxi Cardi
Buffalo Hunter Studded Tee, coming soon
Smokey Joe Crochet Shorts
Night of Hunters Studded Boots
Dreamweaver Bag in Antique Brown
For the Home, Halo Skull Ornament, Phoenix Feather Cluster Talisman.