Never Never Land

Photographer Andy Campbell
Model Julia @ Fauve Casting, Bali
Styling | Art Direction Spell Pennefather
H&M Jul @ Fauve Casting, Bali
Assistant Olivia Deane

You know what it’s like when you’re on holiday – you feel a little bit more exotic… and a little bit high… you lounge around your villa, all languid and buzzed… you smile with the locals, and don’t bother carrying your phone, and sigh when the sun disappears behind the horizon…

Once again we’ve pulled together a little blog post during a crazy-hectic design trip to Bali. We like to try to harness the creative juices as they’re flowing… We hope you love the relaxed styling (we did our best with the few pieces we pulled out of production just for the shoot). Just a bit of fun to show you some of our new pieces dropping this week!

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(Ps. Most of the looks are styled with Spell, but there’s a few ‘vintage, model’s own and stylist’s own’ thrown in there for good measure).