Love Story: Jenny & Jason Lee Parry









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Love Story for Free People
Photos Jason Lee Parry, Jenny Parry, Caleb Barton
Art Direction – Jason lee Parry
Video Jason Lee Parry, Kevin Castanheira, Caleb Barton
Video edited by – Kevin Castanheira, Jason Lee Parry

Road trips with your girlfriends are magical and everlasting, and I’ve explored them on this blog many times. But road-trips with your fella, now they’re a different kind of adventure all together. Magical and everlasting yes, adventurous and spontaneous yes, but also paradoxically so private and intimate. It’s like being in the bedroom with your man, but in a car and at random truck stops, and roadside diners – like no one else exists out there but the two of you.

I love these photos so much because although they’re all out in the open like all roadtrips must be,  but I feel like we’re getting a tiny glimpse at some completely intimate moments between this gorgeously creative couple. I loved seeing glimpses of this trip on instagram as they happened – little moments between lovers. They made me ache for a time when Johnny and I could head off on the road again… one day… one day.

“Two years after we met to the day, Jason proposed to me in New York City. We were walking to the Metropolitan Museum through Central Park and were taking photos in the snow. Unbeknownst to me, he  had set up a camera to take some self timer photos and I thought he was going to push me into the snow since right before the photo was about to take he got down below me. But instead, he was down on his knee opening a box with a beautiful ring in it. The camera caught three photos in a row…him down on his knee and me with a look of shock, us hugging, and then the two us us falling down in the snow. After, we walked through the Met and then had pizza and beer. It was a pretty amazing Valentine’s Day.” Jenny Parry

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