Spell & the Gypsy Collective Lotus Lindsey Wixson

Poem by Paul De Luna for Spell & The Gypsy Collective LOTUS

LOTUS ~  Lindsey Wixson X Spell & The Gypsy Collective | June/July ’17

Photography Sybil Steele
Muse Lindsey Wixson
Styling Molly King
Cinematography Paul De Luna
Hair Mikey Desir / Makeup Dariia Day
Production Mel Carrero
Photography/Cinematography Assistants Manuel Lebriez & Lou Levy
Assistant Production Nicolas Novak / Styling assistant Megan Sales
Styling notes: MARIPOSSA jewellery used throughout

Lotus was inspired by the trade routes of old ~ centuries ago merchants who traveled across the lands brought spices and luxurious fabrics from the East… and we were intrigued by the eclectic and worldly style that must have been sparked by these treasures…

So of course we journeyed to an ancient mansion outside of Paris, the family tree of the mansion’s owners dating back to the year 900. Lindsey Wixson stepped into character, embodying an almost other worldly presence, trapped between centuries of beauty and history… She skips and twirls playfully through the ancient rooms, telling us a story of a woman still lively with the spirit of her girlhood, lonely, wondering and mysterious.

Through the images and campaign film (below), we saw our designs brought to life – the white embroidery anglaise Damsel pieces are young and playful, the classic and sophisticated Etienne representing her journey into independence, the Anastasia Brocade, richly decorative and finally, whispers of opulence with the LOTUS story.

For a full breakdown of first styles (dropping tomorrow May 31st, 11am AEST / May 30th 6pm PDT / 10am in the Spell Boutique) See below:

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/K4bLsd8GdVs” mode=”normal” align=”center” maxwidth=”1000″/]


May 31st, 11am AEST / May 30th 6pm PDT / 10am in the Spell Boutique

Etienne Strappy Dress (Noir & Monaco)
Etienne Maxi Dress (Noir & Sienna)
Etienne Sleeveless Maxi Dress ( Monaco)
Etienne Playdress (Noir & Monaco)
Etienne Fitted Pant (Noir)
Etienne Mini Skirt (Monaco)
Damsel Lace Playdress
Damsel Lace Top
Damsel Lace Shorts
Anastasia Brocade Bomber (Pearl)
Anastasia Brocade Lace-Up Shorts (Pearl & Jade)
Anastasia Brocade Faux Fur Jacket (Jade)
Anastasia Brocade Lace-Up Flares (Jade)
Etienne Bralette & Bloomers – traditional (Sienna & Monaco)
Etienne Bralette & Bloomers – new lace (Monaco & Noir)
Etienne Bodysuit (Noir)

Second Styles ~ June 15th
Lotus Jacket (Ruby)
Lotus Kimono Gown (Ruby)
Lotus Kimono Romper ( Ruby & Peacock)
Lotus Maxi Split Skirt (Ruby & Peacock)
Lotus Kimono Top (Peacock)
Lotus Strappy Dress (Peacock)
Etienne Blouse (Noir & Sienna)
Etienne Mini Skirt (Sienna)
Stay Wild Moon Child Raglan
Stay Wild Moon Child Tank
Stay Wild Moon Child Tee

Final Styles ~ June/July
Kamala Throw On Blouse
Kamala Throw On Dress
Lotus Playdress (Ruby)
Xanthe Sequin Skirt
Xanthe Sequin Flares featured in the shoot were not put into production for sale.