Little Indians

Photos by Dejah Quinn
Little Indians, Layla and Jadyn. One of the best things about instagram is all the inspirational new friends we make! Last week I noticed we were tagged (@spell_byronbay) in a beautiful pic from the sequence above – the comment under the pic said “photo shoot inspired by #spelldesigns”.

We were so flattered! I contacted the photographer, Dejah Quinn (@dejahquinn) and asked her if I could share the shoot on our blog. I asked her to tell me about the girls and how their little shoot came about:

“The honey haired, doe-eyed girl is mine… Jadyn is her name but we call her Sparkly (because she came into the world loving all things shiny & sparkly!) The blonde haired, blue eyed, toothless beauty is her best friend Layla aka Lou… both girls are of Native American Heritage. 

Brandee, Layla’s mom & a dear friend, helped me to style the shoot. We pulled out our best gypsy jewels & junk and had a grand time getting the girls all gussied up. Our girls both have such sweet little free spirits… and we are pretty sure they get it from their mammas!”

Thank you to all our wonderful instagram followers – we love discovering new i’grammers and are eternally inspired by your gorgeous pics!!