BTS Lionheart Campaign
Images by Mel Carrero
On location in Marrakech

Marrakech, to put it simply, is a beautiful mayhem. We absolutely loved it. You are constantly stimulated – sights, sounds, smells and the place is a buzz of activity (well, after 10am that is!). Shooting Lionheart in the Medina of Marrakech (the old city where all of the Souks are!) is pretty hectic, we won’t lie at say it was easy. You honestly needed a whole week to work out where to shoot – some places had shadows when you wanted sun because it was so narrow, you had to wait 5-10 mins to get a shot because there was a donkey going past, but it was so so worth it!

Here are some of the things we learned along the way:

  1. Always be polite and respectful of the culture there – most people love tourists and we had a great experience! But learning a little bit of Arabic went such a long way!
  2. Eat everyyyything – the food there is so good! Our favourite places to eat were Cafe Des Espices (apparently one of Brad Pitt’s go tos..) , Nomad (so fresh, so delish!), Le Jardin and we also enjoyed a cocktail (rare to find!) at a hotel called La Maison Arabe, which had the most passionate cocktail man ever!
  3. Stay – there are a plethora of amazing Riads, but we stayed where we also shot our rooftop pictures, at Riad Jardin Secret. It was very cool, great food and the most insane brekky! The best part are the owners, Cyrielle and Julien – they are the cutest French couple and make you feel super welcome!
  4. Venture out – we wish we had time to do more but Johnny who was part of our crew went down to the Blue city, Chefchouen and then for a surf on the coast and had a blast!
  5. And finally, buy all the rugs! Don’t regret it – work out a way to ship it home because darn it, you’re going to want to take it all with you!