La Isla Bonita.

Isla X Spell-81

Isla X Spell-96

Isla X Spell-73

Isla X Spell-78

Isla X Spell-87

Isla X Spell-93

Isla X Spell-95

Isla X Spell-108

Isla X Spell_-23

Isla X Spell_-4

Isla X Spell_-7

Isla X Spell_-9

Isla X Spell_-19

Isla X Spell-5

Isla X Spell-8

Isla X Spell-11

Isla X Spell-16

Isla X Spell-23

Isla X Spell-42

Isla X Spell-70

Isla X Spell-145

Isla X Spell-153

Isla X Spell-160

ISLA Collective (Insta follow @islacollective)
Photography Caitlin Miers (insta follow @caitmiersphotography)
Muse Kita Alexander
H&M Luciana Rose (insta follow @lucianarose)
Story below by H&M artist Luciana Rose of Fox and Bambi Blog.

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* * *

Just another day in paradise… backyard bliss!… Hair and makeup station set up in my house, sunshine streaming into the lounge. A quick 2 mintue walk through my magical forest to Dolphins Beach, a vast white sanded expanse of ocean side desert.

We shot this little blog post with the stunning mermaid Kita, her beachy long, balayaged locks were a pleasure to style, (FYI I used Kevin Murphy’s Resort Spray & Motion Lotion which is my go to product for beach hair). She frolicked & wandered, the sand was like soft flour, and then she embraced the ocean.

I love how these Spell pieces were paired back with those Isla Collective basics – just the way my sisters intended… ‘always dress it down!’ Perfect beach attire.

xx Luciana