Kate Flashes her Knickers

We god damn love this photo shoot. (UK Vogue October 2008)

When we were decorating our boutique we bought an antique union jack flag off ebay and pinned it to the wall. We have the picture of Kate flashing her knickers framed and hanging proudly in the shop, and now we’ve tracked down the label of silk/mesh briefs she’s wearing!

Obsessed? Us?… perhaps.

It turns out that Maggie Schreiber, the designer behind this EFFING SEXY silk mesh lingerie label LUCKY LOCKET, lives right here in Byron Bay!

Maggie tells us that Kate just happened to be wearing the Lucky Locket black silk and mesh knickers, that she’d been given by Maggie through a mutual friend, when she went to do the Vogue Shoot.

Lucky Locket is available now in our Byron Bay store and on our online shop.