Inspired. (Joy overload moments)

Today I’m inspired. So many amazing blogs out there sharing so many incredible images!

Off the top of my head a few of the blogs that i got lost in today…. Oracle Fox, Lovers in Vain, Tobacco&Leather, Life Without Andy, Litter… and to the random, obscure photographers I’d never heard of until I was blog surfing on Friday afternoon (while holding lil’ bubba Texas on my lap); Derek Wood, Anna Wegelin, Tommaso Nervegna… thank you for your snaps x

I even stumbled upon a blog with one of our own Spell videos! And I was inspired all over again!

Spell – The Gypsy Collective from Elizabeth Briedis on Vimeo.
Now it’s Sunday – my washing line is hanging low with fresh white bed linen, vases of wild flowers fill the house, Johnny has arrived back from a surfing trip in NZ (now fast asleep), and a yummy gluten free carrot cake that I cooked yesterday awaits me in the kitchen. Joy overload moments are easy to come by. X Lizzy