01_Hotel Paradiso Kimono-6882

01_Hotel Paradiso Kimono-6853

01_Hotel Paradiso Kimono-4627

26_Aloha Fox intimates watermelon-9008

26_Aloha Fox intimates watermelon-8951

26_Aloha Fox intimates watermelon-8909

05_Aloha Fox Overalls Mermaid-6901

05_Aloha Fox Overalls Mermaid-5346

05_Aloha Fox Overalls Mermaid-5293

08_Hotel Paradiso Maxi dress Bluebird-5819

08_Hotel Paradiso Maxi dress Bluebird-5774

08_Hotel Paradiso Maxi dress Bluebird-5809

08_Hotel Paradiso Maxi dress Bluebird-5682

25_Hotel Paradiso Jumper 70s brown-8363

25_Hotel Paradiso Jumper 70s brown-8344

25_Hotel Paradiso Jumper 70s brown-8452

25_Hotel Paradiso Jumper 70s brown-8427

Spell_Collective Submission-8433

11_Wild Wategos Tee-6260

11_Wild Wategos Tee-6238

11_Wild Wategos Tee-6099

11_Wild Wategos Tee-6134

11_Wild Wategos Tee-6112

11_Wild Wategos Tee-6250

07_Aloha Fox Gown Mermaid-5643

07_Aloha Fox Gown Mermaid-5625

13_Palm springs crochet dress coral-6423

13_Palm springs crochet dress coral-6414

16_Aloha Fox shorts watermelon-6745

16_Aloha Fox shorts watermelon-6735

02_AlohaFox Blouse Watermelon-4854

02_AlohaFox Blouse Watermelon-4858

02_AlohaFox Blouse Watermelon-5050

02_AlohaFox Blouse Watermelon-4910

02_AlohaFox Blouse Watermelon-4951

02_AlohaFox Blouse Watermelon-5014

21_Isla Bonita Romper white-7320

21_Isla Bonita Romper white-7349

04_Hotel Paradiso Bloomers 70s brown-5229

04_Hotel Paradiso Bloomers 70s brown-5174

04_Hotel Paradiso Bloomers 70s brown-5207

04_Hotel Paradiso Bloomers 70s brown-5195

06_Aloha Fox Blouse + Shorts mermaid-5533

06_Aloha Fox Blouse + Shorts mermaid-5518

06_Aloha Fox Blouse + Shorts mermaid-5507

19_Isla Bonita Duster + White cami-7130

19_Isla Bonita Duster + White cami-7133

19_Isla Bonita Duster + White cami-7060

19_Isla Bonita Duster + White cami-7160

19_Isla Bonita Duster + White cami-7089

22_Isla Bonita Romper black-7439

22_Isla Bonita Romper black-7454

14_Hotel Paradiso Dress Pearl-6660

14_Hotel Paradiso Dress Pearl-6649

14_Hotel Paradiso Dress Pearl-6600

20_Isla Bonita Dress-7219

20_Isla Bonita Dress-7217

20_Isla Bonita Dress-7231

12_Palm springs crochet blue-6396

Spell_Collective Submission-6404

12_Palm springs crochet blue-6355

18_Hotel Paradiso Skirt bluebird-7015

18_Hotel Paradiso Skirt bluebird-6981

18_Hotel Paradiso Skirt bluebird-6952

18_Hotel Paradiso Skirt bluebird-6958

23_Hotel Paradiso Bell sleeve mini jet-7954

23_Hotel Paradiso Bell sleeve mini jet-8284

23_Hotel Paradiso Bell sleeve mini jet-8262

27_Hotel Paradiso intimates jet-9163

27_Hotel Paradiso intimates jet-9115

27_Hotel Paradiso intimates jet-9068

03_AlohaFox Overalls Watermelon-5155

03_AlohaFox Overalls Watermelon-5114

03_AlohaFox Overalls Watermelon-5107

03_AlohaFox Overalls Watermelon-5125

17_White Teddy-6803

17_White Teddy-6879

17_White Teddy-6889

15_Aloha Fox Maxi Skirt watermelon-7167

15_Aloha Fox Maxi Skirt watermelon-6693

24_Hotel Paradiso maxi dress jet-8158

24_Hotel Paradiso maxi dress jet-8137

24_Hotel Paradiso maxi dress jet-8209

24_Hotel Paradiso maxi dress jet-8204

10_Isla Bonita Duster Coral-6049

10_Isla Bonita Duster Coral-5996

09_Hotel Paradiso romper Bluebird-5949

09_Hotel Paradiso romper Bluebird-5945

09_Hotel Paradiso romper Bluebird-5905

09_Hotel Paradiso romper Bluebird-5980

09_Hotel Paradiso romper Bluebird-5897

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HOTEL PARADISO, Spell & The Gypsy Collective D E C E M B E R  2 0 1 5
Photography // Film (my honey) Johnny Abegg
Muse Louise Mikkelsen
Styling Isabella Pennefather
Hair & Makeup Luciana Rose
Production Michaela MacDonnell, Love Bali Starz | ssistant

This island was a Summer lovin’ Paradise. Think idyllic white sand, a row of quaint, white and blue A-frame huts lining the turquoise water, a postcard-perfect island haven punctuated by a single swing hanging from a tall, slanted palm tree. Well that’s what we thought when we found it on Pinterest when we typed in #perfect#tropical#island… So, how to find this nameless island?

Insert long, detective mission here by our gorgeous producer Michaela… until she finally discovered that it was a tiny island called Rawa, off the coast of Malaysia. When I say tiny, I mean it has 2 tiny hotels on it, and a waterslide going into the ocean, and that’s it.

When Spelly bobbed along the water toward Rawa, she had her back to the island and eventually sighed “ugh, are we there yet??!” Johnny smiled and pointed over her shoulder and she turned around, only to see our ‘pinterest-perfect’ tropical island dream looming on the horizon. She gasped and held back tears – she had no idea how beautiful paradise could be!!

But of course it wasn’t enough for our ‘Hotel Paradiso‘ location to be just ‘beautiful‘ – it had to be fun and playfully retro, like something out of an old postcard…  So, along with Spelly’s family (husband Dougall and 2 little boys), her twin sister Luciana, my husband Johnny, model Louise Mikkelsen, and Michaela and her team – we also brought along boatload of wickedly kitschy props to deck out our new island home.

T H E  S T Y L E S  ➸ Think flamboyant, tropical prints in sun-kissed-skin flaunting styles: The Hotel Paradiso print with its vibrant peacock and floral inspired motifs (the blue/white styles in this print are Spell exclusives!!), the Aloha Fox print a dreamy gypsy print with a tropicana twist, awash with palm trees and hibiscus flowers in hues of watermelon pink and mermaid green, our Palm Springs crochet in soft ocean-esque colours  and of course a few white luxe-lace stories in the Isla Bonita & Coco lace, just because we ♡ lace.

So, Hotel Paradiso, our joyous ode to all things summer, burst to life in our little island paradise, against a backdrop of palm trees and sun-beams and dramatic tropical storm clouds – and all the while we laughed and played, and wore flamingo pink sunglasses and whooshed down water-slides, swam topless in a diamond studded ocean, drank coconuts cut down from coconut palms by our infectiously enthusiastic gaffer Jocko… (for more, watch the behind the scenes film here).

So we invite you this holiday season, throw down your faded jacquard beach towel, sit back with a margarita and spot the flamingo as you’re whisked away to Hotel Paradiso.



Beauty/Styling notes: Louise wears nail polish by Sambora Beach Toes, Sugar Baby wash off bronzer Love Kevin Murphy Hair products Sunday Somewhere DOT sunnies