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To celebrate the coming new year, my partner and I are packing up our car and roadtripping up to a little secluded camping spot on the south coast of NSW, where the river flows into the ocean.

Our trip is being lead by an abalone-diver friend of ours, who has a wealth of local knowledge about important things like the location of the best waterfalls, and where to hunt for sea creatures. So when I was packing and thinking about pulling together my (all-important!) new year’s eve outfit, I was planning for bush walks in practical beat-up moto boots that clash perfectly with a light, delicate printed skirt… a cut-off vintage band tee for hot and dusty days on the road, a good read and a sketchbook for lazy afternoons in the shade, and a harmonica, tarot and some sweet whiskey for late nights by the fire… And of course, the all-important silver-and-turquoise embellishments and a polaroid to snap it all…

I have created a little illustrated blessing/mantra-type-thing for the new year (the first image of this post). So, I hope this finds you all well, and that everyone has a great new year and Summer!

Raych x

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