From the earth… Turquoise.

On Saturday night, under a silvery full moon, my girlfriends and I sat around holding space together, drinking tea and giving ourselves facials. Zoe, a dear friend, then introduced us to the life of liquid crystals.

The esoteric world of crystals and their healing nature isn’t a circle I usually move in (despite living in Byron Bay, and being surrounded by crystals and crystal devotees – I’ve always been skeptical.)

As we sat around doing our crystal oracle card readings (Zoe pulled Silver – the full moon crystal!) it got me thinking about these stones from the earth that I use every day in our jewellery.

I want to spend a moment over the next few posts paying homage to the mysterious world of crystals and the few stones from deep within the earth that I work with every day to create our Spell jewellery….

As described in The Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha, here is an outline the benefits of turquoise and it’s very own message, defining what they would say to you, if given the chance.

first, my favourite…


This crystals simple purpose with humanity:

Spirit of Earth

Positive aspects or outcomes of turquoise:

Connected and grounded to the earth with free, beautiful and clear communication.

Creative and loving.

Able to find the true cause of illness and cure it.

Perfect expression of Emotion and thought.

Message from Turquoise Diva, Azurel.

“Connect through me to the earths loving expression, hear her call and play in her gardens of love. I am a river, blue with the ray of communication, I flow through you, opening you to purity, clarity and the art of truthful voice. Step into my calm waters, as many have before you, I am the pathway to the voice of spirit eternal.”

(Below, Spell Turquoise Floating Feather Ring, Turquoise Goddess Necklace)






Next week: Howlite, the stone of peace and quiet.