Desert Island {Spell SS12/13}

Spell Spring Summer 12/13.
Photographer Johnny Abegg
Model Matilda Price @ Priscillas
Art Direction and Styling Isabella & Elizabeth Briedis of Spell
Hair & Makeup Luciana Briedis
Assistants Nathalie Solis Perez, Olivia Deane, Mae Hanna, Rihannon Stevens

Spell had a vision for this shoot. She wanted to create our very own desert island oasis. So in the warm Spring sunshine we set about creating a little oasis with bamboo sticks, rope, crochet throws and cushions – and by the time we finished it felt like home.

Our Summer range is filled with floating fabrics in tie dye and leopard print, lace and silky suede, hand crocheted fringing, tassels and hundreds of hand stitched cowrie shells.

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All fashion, jewellery and accessories are Spell, except striped purple skirt which is vintage.