Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon Lookbook by Spell

Photography Johnny Abegg
Model Matilda Price @ Priscillas
Styling Art Direction Elizabeth Briedis Spell Pennefather
H&M Luciana Rose
Assistants Olivia Deane, Rhiannon Stevens, Nathalie Solis Perez, Mae Hanna

We shot this little look book in the house I moved into when I first moved up to Byron Bay. Shay and I ripped the carpet up ourselves one day, using our own bare hands and a pair of scissors – we were delighted (and relieved) to find these gorgeous floorboards underneath. It was a gorgeous home – the smell of coconut oil always in the air, a pair of wet swimmers hanging in the shower and no tv – just a guitar and 3 chicks gossiping over coconut water and juicy mangoes.

When I revisited the house to do this shoot it looked different, but the same. There were still little friendly and familiar bits and pieces that I’d left behind which was nice… To all the share houses I’ve lived in and loved – this one’s for you!

Ps. The Lynch print on the wall that unfortunately didn’t make it out alive (sorry Ali!).