Cool On Your Island.

Spell and the Gypsy Collective Winter II 2012.
Photographer Beck Rocchi.
Model Shayna Lamb
Styling Spell Briedis | Spell.
Assistant Brooke

When we’re designing in Bali we’re in full ‘creative mode’ – our villa usually looks like a turquoise and leather bomb has exploded, and everywhere we go you can’t help but think “what if I paired this with that – and then added some of these… and I wonder if I can find someone to carve this for me…and oh my goodness… look at this vintage tribal fabric…!” haha – we’re usually in inspiration overload!

So when Spell was there last week and realised two of our gorgeous friends were over there at the same time (Shayna who modeled for us in our Springtime of her Voodoo and Chickskatevoodoo photo shoots, and photographer Beck Rocchi who shot Castaway and Amber Road) she asked them to come on board for a spontaneous inspiration shoot using pieces from our latest range.
They floated around Beck’s bedroom, shooting around her perfectly unkempt bed, with jewellery, shells and flowing mosquito net akimbo. Then they zipped around Bali shooting where they pleased, the black sands of Canggu beach calling them.
It’s amazing what you can capture when three friends get together and allow inspiration to flow freely! There wasn’t even a makeup artist – wonderfully DIY!
Styled with Spell’s latest Winter Fashion + Jewellery (+ ‘model’s own’ vintage tee and One Teaspoon shorts and bra + a heck load of tribal jewellery that Spell sourced on her travels). To get your hands on some of the tribal shell adornments keep an eye for our ‘custom made/one-offs – we’ll put them up in July!)