Festival Guest Blogger – Cult of Style

All images by the winner of Spell’s  Guest Blogger Comp:
– Calley Dawson of Cult of Style.

It’s all well and good to have AAA backstage passes and rub shoulders with the Festival elite – I mean of course we wanted to see what Kate Bosworth wore this year as much as the next person (she’s best dressed every year right??!)…  but the real festival happens out there in the trenches.

Which is why a few weeks ago we put out a call for a Festival guest-blogger who’d collaborate with us and capture some of the action for us – amongst the real people…

The winner of the blogger comp was Calley Dawson of Cult of Style, who must have had her camera with her the WHOLE festival because she sent me over 400 photos!! I chose out some of my fave festival looks that were easy, breezy, fun and honest. Thanks so much Calley for your great pics! Happy shopping with your $100 Spell voucher!

We also put out a call for a guest-instagrammer and the winner was Lucy McBride of @rustedrevolution (blog here) she captured some amazing moments during the festival which we re-instagrammed LIVE on weekend 1. Thanks @rustedrevolution – and happy shopping to you too, with your $50 voucher!