California Dreaming








Shot_03_134_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_03_145_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_03_121_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_04_014_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_04_034_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_04_021_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_03_085_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_03_061_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_03_059_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_04_036_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_03_030_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_11_042_daisychain playdress

Shot_11_008_daisychain playdress

Shot_11_010_daisychain playdress

Shot_11_062_daisychain playdress

Shot_11_035_daisychain playdress

Shot_11_064_daisychain playdress

Shot_06_003_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_06_041_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_06_054_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_06_019_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_06_074_Indian Summer Shorts

Shot_06_077_Indian Summer Shorts



Shot_08_038_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_055_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_098_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_081_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_064_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_016_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_046_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_037_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_105_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_08_021_desert wanderer playsuit noon

Shot_05_021_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_05_033_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_05_056_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_05_064_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_05_047_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_05_085_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_05_092_Indian Summer Dundress

Shot_09_048_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_09_027_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_09_082_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_09_062_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_09_051_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_09_038_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn


Shot_09_071_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_09_095_Desert Wanderer Shift dress dawn

Shot_07_089_Indian Summer Playsuit

Shot_07_051_Indian Summer Playsuit

Shot_07_072_Indian Summer Playsuit

Shot_07_074_Indian Summer Playsuit

Shot_07_036_Indian Summer Playsuit


Shot_07_007_Indian Summer Playsuit

Shot_07_005_Indian Summer Playsuit


Shot_15_019_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_012_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_077_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_093_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_054_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_067_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_101_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_069_mazzy star skirt

Shot_15_072_mazzy star skirt

Shot_13_024_prairie Dress

Shot_13_061_prairie Dress

Shot_13_051_prairie Dress

Shot_13_054_prairie Dress

Shot_13_075_prairie Dress

Shot_13_040_prairie Dress

Shot_12_015_forever free tee

Shot_12_031_forever free tee

Shot_12_036_forever free tee

Shot_12_010_forever free tee

Shot_12_005_forever free tee

Shot_14_007_spell bells dawn

Shot_14_014_spell bells dawn

Shot_14_009_spell bells dawn

Shot_14_029_spell bells dawn

Shot_14_054_spell bells dawn














Spell Holiday 13/14 Look book California Dreaming
Photographer Zoey Grossman
Styling Ashley Glorioso
Model Charlotte Free @ IMG
H&M Ashlee Rose
Daisy-chain head crown by CJS Flower Crowns

In California Dreaming, our Holiday 13/14 lookbook, our Spell alter-ego ventures far from her home in the Californian Desert and finds herself in a sea of dusty blues and turquoise hues, soft nudes, daisy chains and peaches and cream. She finds herself where the desert meets the ocean and where Dreams and Reality dance playfully around one another.

Shot on location in a dreamy little beach-side home in LA, we were lucky enough to have one of our favorite photographers Zoey Grossman bring this dreamy story to life with us.

Charlotte Free, with her faded candy-locks, floating around in creamy broderie anglaise cotton, soft rayon playsuits, draping kimonos – and believe it or not it was a total coincidence we designed that Forever Free tee – is the ultimate LA babe.

We hope you enjoy California Dreaming… and as we peek over the horizon at a looming 2014, we wish you an inspired holiday season, where your dreams and realities dance playfully around one another – barefoot in the sun, perhaps wearing daisy chains…

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