01_Spell Spring14_White Anglais Set--2

01_Spell Spring14_White Anglais Set-3728


01_Spell Spring14_White Anglais Set-2-3

01_Spell Spring14_White Anglais Set-2

01_Spell Spring14_White Anglais Set-3802

04_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Playsuit--3

04_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Playsuit-4383

04_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Playsuit-

04_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Playsuit--2

04_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Playsuit-4336

04_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Playsuit-4408

03_Spell_SS14_Wild Ones Skirt-

03_Spell_SS14_Wild Ones Skirt-4200


24_Spell_Spring14_White Tassel Dress-4


24_Spell_Spring14_White Tassel Dress-

24_Spell_Spring14_White Tassel Dress--2

05_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit berry--2

05_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit berry--3

05_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit berry--4


05_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit berry-

05_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit berry-4544


08_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Kimono-4810

08_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Kimono-4819

06_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit Sand-

06_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit Sand-3

06_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit Sand-4659

06_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Playsuit Sand-4688

09_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Kimono-4926

09_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Kimono-4912

09_Spell_Spring14_Turquoise Kimono-4895


10_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Playsuit-5073

07_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Kimono-

07_Spell_Spring14_Cactus Rose Kimono-4769

10_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Playsuit-

10_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Playsuit--3

10_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Playsuit--5

10_Spell_Spring14_Nutmeg Playsuit-5097

10_Spell_Spring14_black lurex skirt-5112

10_Spell_Spring14_black lurex skirt-5148

10_Spell_Spring14_black lurex skirt-5152

10_Spell_Spring14_black lurex skirt-5244

23_Spell_Spring14_usa singlet +hedrix jacket--2

23_Spell_Spring14_usa singlet +hedrix jacket--3

23_Spell_Spring14_usa singlet +hedrix jacket-6437

23_Spell_Spring14_usa singlet +hedrix jacket-6481

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray-

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray--3

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray-5407

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray-5424

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray--4

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray--5

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray-5475

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray-5-2

10_Spell_Spring14_cactus rose skirt-5350

10_Spell_Spring14_cactus rose skirt-5354

16_Spell_Spring14_Cactus rose skirt peach-2

10_Spell_Spring14_Havana Crochet Maxi-5518

10_Spell_Spring14_Havana Crochet Maxi-5553

10_Spell_Spring14_Havana Crochet Maxi-2

10_Spell_Spring14_Havana Crochet Maxi-5598

10_Spell_Spring14_Havana Crochet Maxi-

15_Spell_Spring14_USA top Wild One Bells-

15_Spell_Spring14_USA top Wild One Bells-5691

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray overalls-5494

10_Spell_Spring14_Route 66 Chambray overalls-

02_Spell_Spring14_Crochet Skirt--2

02_Spell_Spring14_Crochet Skirt-3905

02_Spell_Spring14_Crochet Skirt-

02_Spell_Spring14_Crochet Skirt-4

02_Spell_Spring14_Crochet Skirt--3

02_Spell_Spring14_Crochet Skirt-2


24b_Spell_Spring14_Wild Ones Shorts-6658

26_Spell Spring14_double chambray-6711-2

26_Spell Spring14_double chambray-6719-2

26_Spell Spring14_double chambray--2

18_Spell_Spring14_Wild Ones gown-5919

18_Spell_Spring14_Wild Ones gown-

18_Spell_Spring14_Wild Ones gown-5935

20_Spell_Spring14_cactus rose playsuit-

20_Spell_Spring14_cactus rose playsuit-6234

21_Spell_Spring14_wildones strappy dress-6285

21_Spell_Spring14_wildones strappy dress-6274

21_Spell_Spring14_wildones strappy dress-6297

Spell November 14′ Collection ‘Cactus Rose’ AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW.
Photography Ali Mitton @alimitton
Model Ashton Flutey @ Work Agency
Styling & Art Direction Spell Pennefather
H&M Luciana Rose @lucianarose
Assistants Amy Suriajaya & Declan Brown.
Location; Thank you to the very gorgeous Annelies who welcomed us into her gorgeous home.

* * *

You laze inside your Gypsy Villa, where texture and colour fell in love, and trinkets tell their stories. The sound of distant motorbikes echo dusty streets, brightly painted walls peeling different shades of turquoise, the hint of incense on the air, the salt from a cold margarita lingers on your lips, the city holds it’s breath for another sunset… Our wanderlusting Spell muse, finds a momentary home in a far off land – it could be anywhere…

* * *

It can take months to dream up a shoot. First, we sit with the collection on paper, and then as it develops we feel the fabrics and experience the prints and wait for a story to come. With this collection though, it didn’t take long to know where it’s story would take us. My vision for ‘Cactus Rose‘ was clear from the start “A girl. In an exotic town. Somewhere…” I wanted the backdrop to look like it could be anywhere, Morocco, Bali, Mexico, Turkey… There needed to be colour, texture and a margarita in hand.  Just take me away to another world where the paint on the wall is perfectly peeling, and motorbikes and margaritas are aplenty.

Our latest muse, Ashton Flutey, moves gazelle-like through our exotic little world, her delicate, 6ft frame gently bringing our latest prints and shapes to life just as we’d dreamed. The globetrotting Australian model’s wild-side balancing the soft sandy florals & dreamy turquoise and nutmeg feather prints.

We’ve loved getting back to our flowing roots for this collection… think back 5 years to your first Spell piece, we wanted to capture that feeling. Of course we’ve added in a few new textures like embroidered chambray, soft gold threaded lurex cotton and a silk-rayon blend that flutters like dust in the wind. So, style it bold with double-up embroidered chambray, full length leopard print, and flowing silk, toughen up your crochet with our new Cactus Rose Ankle Boots (available for pre-sale soon!) and do it all with a margarita in hand…  To the girl who dreams of a far-away wonderland, the girl who rules rock-chic but leads with softness… this collection is for you.

Shop the new collection HERE. More pieces dropping over coming week!