Behind the scenes of our NYC shoot adventure ~ it felt like hanging with friends and creating (which is exactly what it was!!).

From the funky loft in Brooklyn, to the streets of Manhattan and all the colourful sights of Coney Island, the Big Apple beyond has our heart.

After many years of working with Tezza, watching her creative mind in play, right in front of our very eyes was an incredible sight to see! Her dedication and creativity are second to none and we were thrilled to work with her and our amazing crew in bringing our vision of Aurora to life!

Muse Stormi Bree
Photographer Tessa Barton – Tezza
Stylist Lisa Danielle
Hair Josphen Zamora
Makeup Allan Aponte and Jocelyn Biga
Production Mel Carrero, Zoe Googe and Cole Herman
Film by Amadeus Bell-Todd