Blue Lagoon ✧ Fox & Bambi



















Model Stephanie Widmur
Photographer Kat Charles
Art Direction + Styling + Hair & Makeup by Luciana Rose
Wardrobe & Accessories by Spell
Flower Crown by Charlotte Julia Stone
View the full shoot on FOX & BAMBI BLOG

It’s funny, growing up Luciana and I didn’t seem to have all that much in common – she’s one of my 3 sisters (Isabella’s twin) and I always used to think we were the least alike. But as time has moved on, the years have softened us, and it turns out we are more like kindred spirits than I had imagined. It turns out we’re both a lot like our mother in the way we like to paint pictures with visuals and words.

A few weeks ago Luciana launched her blog FOX & BAMBI – a vehicle to share her photo-shoot adventures as a hair & makeup artist – and I saw that her way with words wasn’t too unlike my own. Finding joy in sharing what she finds beautiful and inspiring and always wearing her heart on her sleeve. So here we both are now, bloggers!

A while back, Luc met Stephanie, (a gorgeous girl from Austria with a flowing caramel Brooke-Shieldesque mane) and was inspired to create a shoot channeling the Blue Lagoon. She borrowed some pieces from our Spell samples rack and flower crowns by Charlotte Julia Stone and set about creating a tiny piece of paradise on the shores of Wategos Beach and the Pass in Byron Bay. I could think of worse places to be stranded, and certainly worse threads to be stranded in!!

In terms of fashion and beauty blogging, I’d definitely watch this space… I have a feeling we’re in for some more pretty awesome editorials, collaborations, behind the scenes sneak peeks and inspiration posts in the future!!

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