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Photographer David Houseman
Muse Marie Lucassen @ Chic
Styling & Art Direction Isabella Pennefather
Hair Luciana Rose | Makeup Ashlea Penfold

When the weather moves in over the point at Broken Head, the clouds gather and manifest into some pretty wild and gorgeous storms. I remember this impromptu little shoot popped into our heads after we shot Gypsiana & Loveland at Dave’s studio with European model Marie Lucassen (@ Chic). It felt like such a waste to let Marie’s beauty go unseen by natural light. So Dave, our girls Luciana and Ashlea on hair and makeup, Marie, Spelly and I piled in our cars and snuck on into the Broken Head quarry. Of course.

If you’ve ever seen Broken Head Point as a storm approaches, the birds are going wild and the white rock of the point stands bold like a beacon out there in the ocean, it’s wild and primal. Well the quarry, only moments on down the road, is eery and quiet, the walls of rock protecting you from what’s about to hit… Marie struts silently along in our lace Woodstock Jumper, like a little blonde mountain lion, tempting the storm to come on over the rock walls. It came, but by then we were already huddled in our cars on our way back into Byron Bay… just a moment in time so we could let her beauty out into the wild, where it belongs.